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Operation Jobs

In addition to our existing services, if your job was impacted by Hurricane Harvey CAM may be able to help.


Operation Jobs is a service offered by Cypress Assistance Ministries to unemployed and under-employed individuals of the community. Operation Jobs’ goal is to help the job seeker by offering direction in their job search and providing the tools needed to become a long-term, valuable employee. Operation Jobs also provides much needed, but often over-looked, emotional support.  “Job readiness” is our goal for all job seekers, whether entry level or professional.

Job services provided include:

  • One-on-one job counseling
  • Assisting in resume preparation, cover letter composition, and reference letter requests
  • Educating job seekers on interview skills, covering all aspects of the process, from appropriate dress and body language to information on salary negotiation
  • An updated database of job postings
  • Job leads are emailed to job seekers on a daily basis

Services are by appointment only – please call 281-955-5895 to schedule.


Operation Jobs is looking for long-term relationships with community businesses and staffing agencies.  For over 20 years we have worked with organizations and businesses of all sizes to fill a wide variety of job openings.  Operation Jobs works with job seekers who are motivated to find meaningful employment, eager to work for companies that can provide permanent employment with growth possibilities.  We have a database of applicants available for companies with job openings.  If you have an open position with a particular skill set requred, we can help and will work closely with Cypress and Houston area employers when suggesting companies for job seekers to contact. If you have a job opening in your company, please call 281-955-5895.

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